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MUSEDO T-40 Tuner (เครื่องตั้งสาย)

MUSEDO T-40 Tuner เครื่องตั้งสาย

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Musedo T-40 Clip-on Guitar Tuner with LCD screen to show the information that you need. It also features a rotation shaft to bring you more convenience. It is lightweight and portable to carry anywhere as you like.


  • LCD display, it can provide excellent visibility.
  • Multi-Modes will meet your needs, such as guitar mode, bass mode, violin mode, ukulele mode, and chromatic.
  • Green light: in tune, red light: sharp/flat.
  • 360-degree rotating, multi-angle and full-direction vision.
  • Clip-on design, easy to fix on the instrument tightly.
  • Fast and accurate, can work in noisy environments.
  • Small size, portable for you to carry everywhere.

Brand : Musedo
Model : T-40
Name : Guitar Tuner
Tuning Range : A0 (27.50Hz) C8 (4186Hz)
Precision : ±1 cent
A4 Range : 430-450Hz
Detection Method : Clip
Flat Tuning : EE. EEEE
Display Mode : LCD display
Tuning Method : Auto
Power : 3V (CR2032 lithium battery)
Package Weight : 100g
Product Size : 6.5 x 6.3 x 1.2 cm
Package Contents   : 1 x Guitar Tuner :1 x Manual         

MUSEDO T-40 Tuner เครื่องตั้งสาย

MUSEDO T-40 Tuner เครื่องตั้งสาย